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"Everything begins with our group of inventive, gifted people. Utilizing a mix of lean and nimble techniques and years of experience, our group lives up to our expectations with yours to create incredible projects."

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    Benjmin Blackwelder Cabinetry

    Web Design, Wordpress Theme Take a look
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    GS Malibu Studio

    Web Design, Photography Take a look
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    Under The Oaks Preschool

    Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design Take a look
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    BluIP, Inc.

    Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Web Design Take a look
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    Guess Jeans®

    Print Design, POS Graphics Take a look
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    Saucebox Cosmetics

    Shopify Design, Product Design, Photography, Social Media, Video Take a look
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    Simply Sponges

    Branding/Identity, Logo Design, Package Design, Website Design Take a look
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    Home Loan Lending, Inc.

    Web Design, Logo Design, Custom Wordpress, Social Media Take a look
  • Printefex


    Re-Branding, SEO, Custom Wordpress, Social Media Take a look
  • Golden Flowers

    Golden Flowers

    Re-Branding, Logo Design, Custom Wordpress, Photography Take a look
  • SMG Cars

    SMG Auto Brokers

    Re-Branding, Logo Design, Custom Wordpress, Photography Take a look
  • Hair by Diana D.

    Diana D.

    Logo Design, Wordpress, Photography Take a look
  • all4-GP


    Logo Design, Video, Custom Wordpress, Icons Take a look
  • Voxx Studios

    Voxx Studios

    Complete Re-Brand, Custom Wordpress, Icons Take a look

“Good businesses recognize the value of good design.”

When a company has spent time and resources on branding, logo design, a new web site or even just business cards, they are investing in brand integrity. Businesses rely on a number of aspects for their success. When it comes to marketing and appealing to audiences, design plays a key role in communication. From the second we see a color, shape or font in an advertisement our mind has already set the stage for emotions we will feel, the thoughts we will have, and ultimately the decisions we will make. Better design is better communication. Better communication means a better higher quality business. This is what people notice.

Brand trust and integrity is not achieved overnight. A well thought out website, on the other hand, can be a springboard for a businesses ideas and values. These values are at the core and will drive success and ultimately bring the magical brand loyalty. Companies like Apple and Levi’s have done this in different time frames, but their core values and beleifs are the cornerstone. People recognize good design and remember negative effects of bad design. Good design stays out of the way and let’s the product speak for itself. The red carpet fashion show is a good example. Don’t be caught wearing an ugly dress because people will surely remember.

Web Design & Your Business:

Web Design is essential to a successful business these days. Not only is it the face of your product and experience it is the passageway to an unlimited amount of customers and leads. At Red Kiwi Studios we strive to Discover your potential, Develop a Strategy, Deploy your website and Nourish it with the essential needed. Web site optimization starts from onsite keywords and continues onto offsite efforts and targeted marketing. Web Design need to look and work even better for measurable results that can be tracked and tested.

After your Web Design is approved we take the necessary steps to offer Pay Per click and Re-Targeting marketing efforts in order take advantage of all of your website’s potential. For smaller businesses we offer insights into Yelp and other advocacy strategies that start with studying your competition and either supporting a competitive advantage or an unseen vertical for maximum results.

Fill out our Web Design brief and let us know the details of your project. Along with the brief we will send back a proposal outlining all that is needed for a successful Web Site Design and the needed supporting efforts. We offer Graphic Design to help you streamline your branding efforts. Your brand is your business and your brand should communicate your values. A sleek web design communicates just that.

Contact us for all of your Web Design needs and we will help kick start your business with 1000 Free Business Cards and 1000 Free Postcards along with a “Keys to Successful Online Businesses” newsletter.