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The Golden Ratio also referred to as the Fibonacci Sequence has been used in art and design since the beginning of time. It occurs in nature and is evident everywhere around. From fern spirals to the universe we the Ratios all around us. Recently I stumbled onto a Quora Digest post where the person who asked the question wanted a definitive answer on whether or not they should be using the Golden Ration in everything they design. The example which has been widely used on the internet is the Apple computer companies apple logo originally designed by Paul Rand.


The examples show the ratio being used explicitly to design the entire logo. Often times designers are at a loss when trying to use this approach but the problem is that there will never be a perfect percentage since our computer programs and hands cannot replicate the nuances generated by nature. The percentages used for scaling the sequence have been said to be close to 1:8 but the actual number does vary.

One designer tried to debunk the concept by showing that when the circles were scaled by them on their favorite software like Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop that the circles were never perfectly lined up with the Apple logo design. The consensus on all of the comments were that he/she was correct and that they did not need the added responsibility and care taken when using the Golden Ratio. Quora provides a vast amount of useful knowledge the only problem is that humans are prone to biases and their own emotions. I studied the debunking post and discovered that while her initial reasoning behind the 1:8 ration was correct her percentages used were skewed while scaling by the mathematics available within her program. I used the percentage 63.08% which game me more than satisfactory results. I used the same exact image as in the post and used Adobe Illustrator just like in the post. You can use the image above to try and scale circles and see for yourself. Below are my results.


apple-golden-ratio apple-logo-not-debunked

The lesson learned here is that there are always variables and art is subject to opinions of the viewer. That is what makes it art. But being so strict as to use the Ratio on everything I will say just this. Quoted from the words of the famous designer Massimo Vignelli on using grids in design “The grid should be a guide, but when the starts to constrict your creativity that is where you abandon it.”

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