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You have your shiny new website and now you are waiting for the clients and sales to start piling up right? Nope! The sad truth is that unless there’s already a prominent following and an awareness of your product or service, the people will not respond. The first step starts before your website is even built. Actually the steps, or stages, extend throughout the design, development and even after the website has been indexed by Google and ready for business. These stages are split in to four areas: Discover, Design, Develop, Optimize. The process is repeated and just like a symphonic instrument we finely tune it. We play the instrument and after each “song” or campaign, we measure the results and re-tune the website. There are many tools out there, we highly favor Google Analytics.


The Discovery stage takes place before anything is designed or ever thought of being designed. This is where we talk to you about your goals and research your competitors and their strategies. This ensures a unique product, exceptional service and or experience is the main focus of what your website offers!

The Design phase takes us into the far corners of our creative minds. This is where we push the limits of our imagination and try to see your website as the most unique yet relatable website we will build. The different opinions come from hours of research and extensive experience in Design, Color Theory, Typography, Striking Images, Invoking Videos and fluid User Experience.

Benjamin Blackwelder Cabinetry

When we Develop a website our developers and designers create not only a visually captivating experience, but one that is also highly functional and effective in achieving the your online goals. Code is our Poetry and we love solving complex problems with simple solutions and also changing the status quo altogether.

Always Optimize! After we complete a website we test re-test optimize and repeat. We move on to testing between each campaign and experience. This ensures that we are measuring our results and to show us that the results are measurable. We use tools like Google Analytics to bring these metrics to the surface and to bring to light the most successful aspects of your website and sometimes the not-so-successful parts. Usually we can create comprehensive reports that aid Marketing efforts in many ways.

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